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C-H-GL235 - Hayward Pool Control Panel

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C-H-GL235 - Hayward Pool Control Panel

GL235 is designed for easy and dependable operation. Its microprocessor-based technology ensures reliable and accurate performance. Advanced features include differential temperature control, selectable high limit, programmable re-circulation freeze protection, nocturnal cooling, and optional booster pump control.
GL235 Schematic
  • Automatically maximizes solar heat collection by actuating a 24V valve when there is solar heat available.
  • LED indicators show status of system operations.
  • Automatic switching (selectable) from solar pool heating to nocturnal pool cooling.
  • Single-setting adjustment for desired pool/spa temperature.
  • Recirculation freeze protection.
  • Installer-programmable features for any-system adaptability.
  • Quick, accurate, easy-to-set desired temperature controls.
  • Easy to read, understand and operate.

    Technical documents:

    PDF LOGOOperation and Maintenance Manual