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Air to Water Heat Pump for Space and DHW Heating and Space Cooling/Heating


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Air to Water Heat Pump for Space and DHW  Heating and Space Cooling/Heating - EVI Technology for Canadian Climate


The Air to Water Pump is a revolution in heat pump technology that remains unsurpassed in terms of cost and performance. 

Designed with a mission to make it the most efficient cold climate heat pump on the market at a price point of ½ of a traditional geothermal heat pump.

This was done without any sacrifices to quality. Industry leading parts were mandated in the design of this unit.

Monoblock EVI DC Inverter Heat Pump Properties

Model MAFP020A MAFP040A MAFP060A
Cooling Capacity ① KW 7.5 12.5 15.0
Power Input ① KW 3.00 5.00 6.00
Current Input ① A 13.6 22.7 27.3
COP ① W/W 2.50 2.50 2.50
Heating Capacity ② KW 10.5 16.0 20.0
Power Input ② KW 2.83 4.43 5.54
Current Input ② A 12.9 20.1 25.2
COP ② W/W 3.71 3.61 3.61
Heating Capacity ③ KW 8.5 14.0 17.0
Power Input ③ KW 2.71 4.40 5.35
Current Input ③ A 12.3 20.0 24.3
COP ③ W/W 3.14 3.18 3.18
Power Supply V/PH/Hz 220~240V-60Hz
Compressor  Hitachi EVI DC Inverter Compressor
Expansion Valve   Sanhua Electronic Expansion Valve
Heat Exchanger   Hydrophilic Aluminum Foil Fin and Internal Thread Copper Tube Heat Exchanger
  Gimleo Tube in Shell Heat Exchanger
Valve   DunAn Four Way Valve
Fan   Fans-tech Axial Fan
Controller   Chico LCD Display
Protection Control Switch   GuangXun High & Low Pressure Switch, JingRui Water Flow Switch
Max. Running Current A 14.8 24.1 28.6
Sound Level dB(A) 53 54 55
Water Connections inch 1" 1" 1"
Water Flow Volume GPM 6.50 11.00 13.00
Water Pressure Drop ft/head 15 21 21
Refrigerant Type   R410a
Unit Dimensions (L/M/H) mm 1145/470/840 1195/470/1270 1195/470/1270
Package Dimensions (L/M/H) mm 1205/525/875 1255/525/1420 1255/525/1420
Net Weight kg 90 155 165
Gross Weight kg 110 170 180


  1. ①Cooling: DB 35℃/24℃, inlet water temp. 12℃, outlet water temp. 7℃.
  2. ②Heating: DB 7℃/WB 6℃, outlet water temp.: 55℃.
  3. ③Heating: DB 7℃/WB 6℃, outlet water temp.: 45℃.
  4. Working ambient temp. range: -25℃~43℃.

EVI stands for “Enhanced Vapor Injection” and is a technology used on our cold climate heat pumps to achieve higher performance at lower temperatures. An EVI heat pump uses a 3rd smaller internal plate heat exchanger called an “Economizer” within the refrigeration cycle. By utilizing a bypass valve some of the hot refrigerant vapor on the condenser is bypassed to a HX which combines with the colder gas on the Evaporator expansion side.

The heat energy is transferred raising the gas temperature even further which is then injected at mid-range pressure into the head of the scroll compressor through a separate vapor injection port. Using EVI heat pump technology, we are able to overcome the limitation of maximum flow temperature that other cold climate heat exchangers encounter.

EVI Heat Pump technology allows more heat to be delivered resulting in a better COP at much lower temperatures. The EVI technology increase performance efficiency by 27-30%.

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