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Caleffi Single Line Solar Pump Station NA278751A without Controller

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CALEFFI Dual Lines Solar Pump Station NA278751A without Controller


Dual-line solar pump station with 3 speed pump, supply and return connections, flow meter scale 2 to 8 gpm. The solar pump station is a pre-assembled and leak tested unit with fittings for transferring heat from the collector to the storage tank.

Product Description


The solar station is mounted on a wall support and held by clip springs. The station contains important valves and fittings and safety equipment for operating a solar thermal system:

  1. Circulation pump
  2. Safety relief valve
  3. Fill/drain valve with control lever
  4. Instrument holder fitting with pressure gauge
  5. Flow meter
  6. Air separator with air vent and shut-off valve with check valve
  7. Supply (flow) temperature gauge
  8. Return temperature gauge
  9. Pre-formed shell insulation
  10. Shut-off ball valve with check valve and temperature gauge holder knob (Drainback station does not have a check valve)
  11. Connection kit for expansion tank (purchase separately)
  12. Hose connection
  13. Mounting bracket
  14. Manual air vent release screw head
  15. 9 mm hex wrench for shut-off ball valve and flow meter valve


      Technical Documents
      PDF ICON

       Technical Brochure 

       PDF ICON  Operation & Maintenance Manual