Flexible PVC pipe - 2" PVC Black, Tek Tube, Ultra Flex, 100ft Roll

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Flexible PVC pipe - 2" PVC Black, Tek Tube, Ultra Flex, 100ft Roll

This item is one roll of Ultra Flex Tek Tube

  • Material - PVC
  • Diameter - 2in.
  • Length - 100ft.
  • Color - Black

Flexible PVC pipe is made from the same polyvinyl chloride as rigid pipe, but with plasticizers added and surface ribs to allow the pipe to bend, or flex. This Schedule 40 Flex PVC is available in several Black color, with no material difference.

Flex pipe has several advantages over rigid PVC. It is easier and faster to install in long runs from the pool to the pump, wrapping corners and transitions easily, without the need for plumbing fittings. Flex PVC also withstands ground movement or external pressure better than rigid PVC.

Flex pipe can also withstand freezing, stretching to accommodate the nearly 10% expansion of frozen water inside of a pipe. PVC elbows or couplings however, when used to attach sections of flex pipe, can crack if water in the pipe is allowed to freeze.