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Hydronic Chilled/Hot Water 1 Way Cassette Fan Coil, 4-Pipe System 208/230V-1Ph-50/60Hz, Capacity 1 to 2 Ton


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A. General:

  • Unit is factory assembled and tested water fan coil.
  • Unit is assembled with high quality.
  • Contained within the unit s hall be all factory wiring, piping, and associated controls .
  • Unit is shipped with integral PCB adapter Board for 24V field installed Thermostat.

B. Unit Cabinet and Cover:

  • Cabinet is constructed of galvanized sheet metal.
  • Cover compos ed of high impact polymers .
  • Internally and externally insulated to ensure quiet operation.
  • Cabinets are internally insulated from the factory. However, if these units are installed in high ambient/high humidity environments , additional filed installed external cabinet insulation may be required .

C. Fan Motor and Blower Wheel:

  • Available in 208/230-1-50/ 60 VAC.
  • Fan motor has three speed, direct drive, and PSC type.
  • Fan motor is totally enclosed.
  • Fan motor has internal overload protected.
  • Radial blower wheel is dynamically balanced.

D. Air Distribution:

  • Unit contains one automatic dis charge air louver.

E. Water Coils :

  • Manufactured with water coils containing copper tubing mechanically bonded to aluminum fins.
  • Coils are factory tested to 300 psig.
  • Maximum design operating pressure s hall not exceed 200 psig.
  • Coils are designed to accept an entering water temperature not to exceed 180°F.
  • Both coils are equipped with manual air bleed ports which drain into the units internal drain pan.
  • Secondary coil is in the re-heat position.

F. Drain Pan:

  1. Constructed of galvanized steel with baked on polyester powder coating and closed cell insulation.
  2. Unit contains internal lift pump and drain pan float s witch designed for evacuating condensate to the fan coil unit drain port level only.

G. Filters :

  • Unit s hall contain two woven panel washable filter.

H. Fresh Air:

  • Unit s hall be able to receive up to 10% filtered fresh air.
  • Fresh air introduced shall be externally fan forced and externally controlled.

I Power & Safety:

  • Fan coils are factory wired and tested.
  • Fan coil includes a terminal block that is capable of incorporating a 24 VAC, field supplied thermostat.
  • Fan coil contains a replaceable fuse on the low voltage side of the trans former.
  • Coils shall be designed to accept an entering water temperature not to exceed 180°F
  • Electrical line voltage connections s hall be made at the factory supplied terminal block.
  • Factory wiring s hall be rated according to UL listing at the time of manufacturing.

Technical Documents:

  • PDF ICONMH1WC4W-XX-1-B Overview.
  • PDF ICONMH1WC4W-XX-1-B IOM Manual.
  • PDF ICONMH1WC4W-XX-1-B Material Submittals.