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OXYPERTTM PE-RT oxygen barrier tubing

$ 85.40 CAD
Roll Length (Ft)

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BOW’s OXYPERT™ tubing is designed specifically for hydronic heating and hydronic radiant closed loop heating applications. OXYPERT™ tubing can also be used in snow melting applications. This tubing has an oxygen outer barrier liner which makes it ideal for hydronic and radiant floor heating applications. The function of the outer liner is to limit the oxygen permeation rate through the tubing wall in accordance with DIN 4726 which helps protect ferrous elements in the system from corrosion.

OXYPERT™ tubing is made to CTS (Copper Tube Size) outside dimensions and an SDR (Standard Dimension Ratio) of 9 and is available in nominal sizes 1/2" and 3/4". It is available in coils up to 1,000 feet which are foot marked. OXYPERT™ tubing is not rated for potable water distribution.

Technical Data


PE-RT (Polyethylene of raised temperature) with EVOH oxygen outer barrier liner.

Continuous working pressure

  • 690 kPa (100 PSI) @ 82ºC (180º F)
  • 1100 kPa (160 PSI) @ 23ºC (73º F)