Resol DeltaSol® BX Solar Controller

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Resol DeltaSol® BX Controller (full kit part number: 115 450 17)

The Resol DeltaSol® BX solar controller (full kit part number: 115 450 17) is equipped with 26 pre-programmed basic systems for a broad range of 1- and 2-store systems. Pre-defined functions facilitate system parameterization. The integrated SD card slot enables an easy datalogging to an SD card as well as a quick and effortless transfer of logged system data to a PC. The extra-large display vouchers for a precise visualization of the system status.

Technical Features:

    • 4 relay outputs, and 5 inputs for PT1000 temperature sensors.
    • 2 Inputs for analog Grundfos Direct Sensors to measure flow, pressure, and temperature.
    • Advanced Energy Measurement with data logging via internal SD card
    • 26 system option to choose from, including drainback options
    • Equipped with Resol Vbus® for data communication via the internet.
    • cTUVus Certified

Resol DeltaSol® BX (full kit) includes 5 x PT1000 standard length sensors (2 collector sensors and 3 tank sensors).

 Control Configurations & Arrangements:

Resol DeltaSol® BX 1Resol DeltaSol® BX 2

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