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Solar Pump - Grundfos UPS15-58U - 3-speed Caleffi NA10481

$ 245.00 CAD

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Grundfos UPS15-58U - 3-speed pump Caleffi NA10481 (replacement for Caleffi NA12168 - Wilo Star S21)

Brand new Grundfos UPS15-58U - 3-speed pump.  This is a replacement pump for Wilo Star S21 (Caleffi NA12168) for most Caleffi solar and PAW solar pump stations (Replacement pumps fit current solar pump stations 278 & 279, plus discontinued 255 & 256 stations). 
    • UL listed for Canada and the USA.
    • Voltage is 115V/60HZ
    • 3-speed pump
    • Maximum water temperature: 230F (110C) 
    • Grundfos 15-58U, 21' head / 18 gpm
Note: This pump is not compatible with most North American Grundfos pump models.  It has an OEM European union connection specific to the pump stations from Caleffi and PAW using this pump model.