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Solar Pumping Station SR21 with SR1568 Controller and WIFI Access

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Solar Pumping Station SR21 with SR1568 Controller and WIFI Access


This solar pump station is a pre-assembled and leak-tested set of devices and fittings for transferring thermal heat between solar collector and solar tank. It contains important fittings and safety devices for the operation of the solar thermal system:


 Components of SR21

  1. Non-return valve: opening pressure 200mm H2O.
  2. Collector return connection: 3/4 female thread.
  3. Safety valve: 6bar.
  4. Filling valve connection.
  5. Connection of expansion vessel: 3/4 male thread.
  6. Manometer: 0-6bar.
  7. Sensor on tank return pipe: NTC10K, B=3950.
  8. Circuit pump: different brand and type available.
  9. Drainage valve connection.
  10. FRT flowmeter.
  11. Tank Inlet pipe connection: 3/4 male thread.
  12. Tank Outlet pipe connection : 3/4 female thread.
  13. Integrated Solar Controller SR1568.
  14. Air vent valve.
  15. Temperature sensor of collector Outlet Temperature: NTC10K.
  16. Collector Supply connection (to collector):3/4’ IT female thread.

WIFI Model

WIFI Module

The WIFI module is an internet gadget for access your solar thermal system properties from your laptop, tablet or smart phone. All what you need is a local WIFI network with internet access and a wired connection between the above WIFI module and the solar controller.

Along with the WIFI Module, the following items are delivered:

Technical Documentation: