TechnoSolis Solar Water Heater for Pool - Custom Size Panels

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TechnoSolis Solar Water Heating Pool Panel

Physical Properties:

Custom Sizes Solar Powered Pool Heater Panels are available in the following formats:

A rule of thumb for sizing a TechnoSolis solar pool heating system:

Step 1: Determine the surface area of the pool.
Step 2: Determine the direction that the roof is facing (Solar Azimuth). The relationship between the direction of the roof and the size of the system is as follows:

Step 3: Decide which size panels you want. Panels are available in 4 x 8 (1.22m x 2.4m), 4 x 10 (1.22m x 3.1m) and 4 x 12 (1.22 x 3.7m). Divide by 32, 40, or 48 respectively to determine the number of panels needed. The average system size is 7 panels, and the most popular size is 1.5” header 4’ x 12’ (1.22 x 3.7m).

Example: Homeowner has 16’ x 32’ (4.9m x 9.8m) pool with a south facing roof and wants to use 4’ x 10’ (1.22m x 3.1m) panels:

  1. Pool Size – 4.9m x 9.8m = 156m pool area.
  2. 156m x .85 = 132.6m (the required solar system area)
  3. 1.22m x 3.1m = 12.2m per panel.
  4. 132.6m / 12.2m = 10.87 or 11 panels needed.

How do Technosolis Panels Heat your Pool?