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TEKMAR- tekmarNet Thermostat 532 - One Stage Heat

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TEKMAR- tekmarNet Floor Heating Thermostat 532 - One Stage Heat


The tekmarNet® Thermostat 532 is a communicating thermostat designed for one
stage hydronic heating systems. Simple up and down buttons and a display with
large type make this thermostat easy to read and use. It has two auxiliary sensor
inputs that can be assigned to measure room, floor, or outdoor temperature. An
optional floor sensor protects the floor from overheating and enhances comfort.
The 532 can be wired using 2 or 4 wires to connect to tekmarNet zoning controls,
or can be installed as a stand-alone thermostat using 3 wires.

TEKMAR 532 Photo


TEKMAR 532 Specifications


Sample Installation:

Installation & Wiring Diagram

Xianke Xkph58 - Srcc Certified Vacuum Tube Solar CollectorTEKMAR 532 Submital 

Xianke Xkph58 - Srcc Certified Vacuum Tube Solar CollectorTEKMAR 532 Installation Manual