Caleffi NA255

Caleffi Solar Pump Station NA255160 without Controller

Hydro Solar Solutions

$ 1,126.32 CAD

Recommended Controller / Data Logger / WIFI Access for this Pumping Station

Resol DeltaSol BS Plus Solar Controller

Resol DeltaSol BS Plus Controller

$ 303.39 CAD
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DeltaSol DL2 Logger

Resol DL2 Datalogger & Online Access (Only 1 Controller)

$ 466.80 CAD
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Caleffi Solar Pump Station NA255160 without Controller

This item is one Commercial Solar Pump Station without a controller. The solar pump station is a pre-assembled and leak tested unit with fittings for transferring heat from the collector to the storage tank.

The pump station contains the following:

  • Ball valves in flow and return in combination with flow check valves  
  • Foam insulation shell  
  • Ports for filling and flushing  
  • Manual air vents  
  • Balance/flow meter  
  • Temperature gauges in flow and return  
  • Pressure gauge  
  • Safety relief valve: 90 psi  
  • Pump: Star S 30 U25 three-speed  
  • Connection: 3/4" or 1" sweat union connection kit

Technical Properties

  • Max. working pressure: 150 psi  
  • Max. working temp: 360°F  
  • Adjustable flow: 1/2 to 10 GPM  
  • Agency approval: cULus