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Nordic Air to Water Heat Pump - Split Type - Model ATW


Our air- to- water heat pump system provides an alternative to traditional air source heat pumps. These water cooled heat pumps utilize the outdoor air as their heat source in the winter and heat sink in the summer, without the need for a ground loop. With no outdoor collector system, the installation cost is reduced.

Nordic® Air to Water Heat Pump

Our water cooled heat pump, part of the ATW Series, efficiently heats water for in-floor radiant heat and cools water for air conditioning through a hydronic fan coil. We have made significant modifications to enhance the performance of our air source heat pumps, ensuring reliable operation even in harsh winter conditions.

To excel in colder outdoor temperatures, our water cooled heat pump features an oversized outdoor unit for superior heating performance. Additionally, intelligent defrost logic minimizes energy consumption during outdoor coil defrost cycles. Furthermore, the compressor section is housed indoors, safeguarded from inclement weather conditions.

The ATW Series is available in sizes from 2 to 6 nominal tons, for whole-home applications, and operates down to -7°F (-21.7°C) at which point back-up heating is required.

Choose our advanced water cooled heat pump system for efficient and dependable heating and cooling throughout the year. Contact us today to learn more about our high-performance air to water heat pumps.

Quick Facts about the Nordic® Air-to-Water Heat Pump

Distribution Type Radiant in-floor, hydronic fan coils
Capabilities Heating, cooling and domestic hot water
Loop Type No loop, outdoor air handler
Size 2 to 6 nominal tons
Configuration Horizontal
COP Up to 4.0
Certifications TUV