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Nordic Liquid to Water High Temperature Heat Pump - WC Series


Using a standard geothermal ground loop, our high-temperature hot water heat pump (WC Series) delivers up to 160°F (70°C) hot water for high-temperature hydronic heating systems. We accomplished this by using a two-step system involving two refrigerant circuits and two compressors.

This heat pump would be ideally suited for homes retrofitting from hot water boilers, with hot water baseboard or hot water radiators. This heat pump could also be used as a stand-alone system for heating domestic hot water.

Quick Facts About the WC Series

Distribution Type Hot water baseboards, raditiors or dedicated domestic hot water heating.
Capabilities Heating or dedicated domestic hot water.
Loop Type Open or closed loop.
Configuration Horizontal
COP Up to 2.8
Certifications TUV, CE