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Nordic W Series Liquid to Water Heat Pumps


This is our residential & commercial sized water to water geothermal heat pump or liquid-to-water heat pump. This Heat Pump is ideally suited for making large quantities of low temperature hot water, such as for in-floor heating or swimming pool heating.

Nordic® W Series Residential / Commercial

Our water to water geothermal heat pump works seamlessly with open water wells or ground loops. It offers full reversibility, allowing it to provide both chilled water and domestic hot water as well. The W Series Residential is tailored for residential settings and is available in sizes ranging from 2 to 6 nominal tons. It's important to note that the smaller sizes of the water to water geothermal heat pump (sizes 22-55) are housed in a smaller case than indicated in the manual, with dimensions of 28" x 28" x 29".

For commercial applications, the W Series Commercial is available in capacities ranging from 9 tons up to 81 tons. It is common to select and install multiple medium-sized units in parallel to meet the specific requirements.

Choose our advanced water to water geothermal heat pump for efficient and versatile heating and cooling solutions. Contact us today to learn more about our residential and commercial offerings in the W Series.