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Who we are?

Hydro Solar Innovative Energy is owned by Aqua Solanor Inc. We design, develop and Sell renewable and semi-renewable and semi-renewable energy products and solutions.

We believe that our accumulated years of experience in engineering, contracting and commissioning are an added value for our customers who are looking for high quality and affordable solar, geothermal and other HVAC solutions. Our Value proposition combines quality, affordability, user-friendliness and the lowest payback period in the market. 

Our Mission

Hydro Solar Innovative Energy's mission is to reduce carbon footprint of every Canadian house and business by offering sustainable products and kits combining heat pumps (Air to Water, Geothermal, etc....), solar panels (for Pools, Space heating, Domestic Hot Water Heating, Process Heating, etc....), controls and commissioning accessories.

Our Engineering Team does offer custom engineering consulting services for new and retrofit construction projects mainly in the commercial/Industrial sector, NetZero and Passive Housing as well as high end residential sector.

Our Vision long term vision is to reduce Canadian household and Businesses dependability on utility grid by:

  • Supporting Sustainable and energy efficient building architecture construction, which significantly reduces building's energy demand.
  • Reduce electrical demand on existing utility grid by encouraging local energy production by the means of renewable energies such as wind, solar (Solar PV, Solar Thermal, Solar Hybrid, Hot Water, Hot Air, etc...) , etc...

Our Core Values

  • Sustainability: by offering affordable and efficient renewable energy products, contributes to the efforts of fighting climate change, reducing fossil fuel consumption and green house gases emissions.
  • Transparency: We believe that by being transparent with our customers about our products performance (real performance), price, quality, and their installation procedures allows our customers to make a clear choice without being fouled by unrealistic performance, price or payback period.
  • Accessibility: We believe that Renewable and Semi-Renewable energies shall be accessible to any Canadian and US Citizen. Our E-Commerce based business model and after sales service policy reduce market barriers to access to such technologies.