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Solar Water Heater Kits | Prepackaged

We offer a wide selection of Solar Water Heater Kits, carefully prepackaged for your convenience. Each kit includes all the necessary components to set up a reliable and efficient system. It features a Vacuum Tubes Solar Collector or Hybrid PVT Panels, designed to capture and convert solar radiation into usable heat energy. The kit also includes a high-quality solar hot water tank, specifically designed to store the heated fluid for future use.

Prepackaged active closed loop solar water heater. kit include the following items:

  • Vacuum Tubes Solar Collector or Hybrid PVT Panels.
  • Hot Fluid Storage Tank.
  • Controller and Solar Pumping Station.
  • Stainless Steel Pipes and Insulation
  • Other accessories as detailed in each kit product's description and schematic diagram


The solar hot water tank is a vital component in solar water heater systems, storing heated water for consistent hot water supply. The solar hot water tank acts as a reservoir, collecting and preserving solar energy efficiently. With advanced insulation, it minimizes heat loss and ensures a reliable and sustainable solution for meeting hot water demands.

If you're uncertain about which kit suits your specific needs, we have a helpful tool called the Solar Water Heater Sizing FormBy filling it out, our team can accurately assess your requirements and recommend the most suitable solar water heater kit for your particular application. Choose our Solar Water Heater Kits to experience the benefits of renewable energy and enjoy a reliable and cost-effective hot water solution.