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Nordic R Series Commercial Water to Air Heat Pumps

Nordic R Series  Commercial Water to Air Heat Pumps


The Nordic Commercial R Series is a water to heat pump designed for use in commercial applications such as apartment buildings or condo buildings. This heat pump heats air for ducted heating and cools air for central air conditioning and is available in both vertical and horizontal configurations.

Nordic® R Series Commercial Water to Air Heat Pump

This heat pump is designed for a compact fit into small spaces like apartment or condo mechanical rooms. The vertical version of this heat pump has a small 19″ x 19″ footprint and a height of just 42″. The horizontal version measures a maximum 21″ high by 21″ wide and 48″ long. Both the horizontal and vertical versions of this heat pump are available in sizes from 0.75 to 2 nominal tons. The Commercial R Series is not equipped with a desuperheater so does not offer domestic hot water heating, and is a single stage unit. Both of these features keep the purchase price economical.

Distribution Type Forced air
Capabilities Heating, cooling
Loop Type Open or closed loop
Size 0.75 to 2 nominal tons
COP 3.5 - 4.2
Certifications CSA

R Series Commercial (Vertical) Features & Available Options

  • 5-speed ECM fan motor is standard for energy efficiency over PSC type.
  • Small 19″ x 19″ footprint and only 42″ high.
  • Front side-only service access makes this unit ideal for compact installations.
  • The blower is removable from inside the unit for servicing.
  • Safety lockout board has status light visible without removing any doors.
  • Condensate overflow sensor is standard on all units.
  • The control board has onboard control for externally mounted electric backup plenum heater.
  • The compressor is a dependable single-speed LG rotary compressor with a built-in accumulator.
  • The compressor has double grommet compressor isolation for low noise.
  • Equipped with a heavy duty coaxial heat exchanger.
  • Air coil features extra tubing wall thickness for durability.

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