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Dual Compartment Tank with Indirect Coil

Money Saver Dual Compartments Stainless Steel Tank with 3 x Large Diameter Indirect Heating Coils and Modular External Back Up heat (5 to 40 KW) 

The most Versatile Thermal Storage Tank in the Market. You only need one tank for Space Heating, Space Cooling and Domestic Hot Water Heating
This tank can also be hooked up to multiple energy sources such as: Air to Water Heat Pump, Geothermal Heat Pump Evacuated Tube Solar Collectors, Electric/Gas/Propane Boiler. It will save you money for the following reasons:

  • Reduces the size of mechanical room since this tanks replaces three tanks when buying your HVAC kit from other competitors. Its diameter is a few inches larger than a regular tank, however it takes less space than two or three smaller tanks.
  • It has multiple inlets and outlets, three large diameters indirect coils, multiple thermal wells for temperature sensors as well as large 1" NPT Female Threaded Hole (with Male Plug pre-installed at factory) for heating elements insertion, making this tank valid for multiple applications and connectable to multiple energy heat sources.
  • It has a lower carbon footprint and longer lifespan than conventional glass lined steel tank, since inner layer is made of Stainless Steel and Indirect Coils are made of Copper.