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Nordic WP Series Pool Heat Pump


The W Series Pool Heat Pump is a geothermal heat pump specifically designed to heat large quantities of hot water for indoor or outdoor swimming pools.

Nordic® WP Series Pool Heat Pump

The W Series Pool Heat Pump will work on an open or closed ground loop. This heat pump is not reversible, which means it cannot be used for air conditioning without the addition of external water valves, and it has no desuperheater for domestic hot water preheating (for these capabilities see our standard water to water heat pump). This heat pump is designed to function solely as a swimming pool heater.

Quick Facts About The Pool Heat Pump


Distribution Type Pool heating
Capabilities Heating
Loop Type Open or closed loop
Size 3 to 6.5 tons
COP 3.9
Certifications ENERGY STAR, CSA, AHRI



  • Cabinet has powder coated finish inside and out.
  • Cabinet is insulated with 1” acoustic insulation.
  • Four removable access panels for easy servicing.
  • A hard start kit is standard on all single-phase models.
  • A titanium condenser resists corrosion from pool water better than copper or CuNi.