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Air to Water Heat Pump - HYDRO SOLAR Brand

Air to Water Heat Pump is a closed loop thermal device that draws heat from one place (called heat source) and reject the drawn heat to another place (called heat sink). Unlike conventional air to air heat pump, where generated thermal energy is used to cool/heat air fluid, Air to Water Heat Pumps use generated thermal energy to cool/heat water or water/glycol fluid mixture.

Our Air to Water Heat Pumps are available in both Monoblock and Split Configurations. Pros and Cons of each configuration is shown in the below comparison table:



In Climates where winter outdoor temperatures go below 0°C (32°F), Heat Transfer Fluid with Anti-Freeze Solution is required. Water alone will freeze

Does not require Anti-Freeze Solution (Both Water alone or Water and Glycol mix can be used)

Has no integrated pump, or expansion tank or heater

Has integrated pump, expansion tank and heater for defrost mode

Monoblock has variable speed compressor but does not have the EVI technology which makes it work between -20C and +40C outdoor temperatures

Split has variable speed compressor and the EVI (enhanced vapor injection) which makes it work between -25C and +40C outdoor temperatures

Easier to install – plug and play (more a DIY machine)

Requires the installation of refrigerant lines between indoor and outdoor unit. Installation involves vacuuming, pressure testing and filling the copper lines by a certified refrigeration technician