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Air to Air Nordic Heat Pumps ATA


The Nordic® air to air heat pump is an air source heat pump designed to work in a residential setting. Since the heat of heat for this heat pump is the air, there is no ground loop required, which means this system is very cost effective to install.

Nordic Air to Air Heat Pump

Our air to air heat pump (ATA Series) heats and cools air for whole-home forced air heating and air conditioning. This air source heat pump is a cold weather heat pump which means it has been optimized to work even in the coldest Canadian climates (down to -4°F or -20°C) after which point the built-in backup heat takes over. This heat pump has many features that allow it to perform very well in cold Canadian weather including featuring an oversized outdoor unit designed to maximize heating capacity in winter and intelligent defrost logic, which minimizes the energy required to defrost the outdoor coil, improving efficiency.

Like all Nordic air source heat pumps, the compressor and other major components of this heat pump are located inside the home, which greatly increases the longevity of the machine and makes it easier to service in the dead of winter.

The ATA Series is available in sizes up to 6 nominal tons, so one machine can provide whole-home heating and cooling.