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Corrugated Stainless Steel (SS) Pipes and fittings and special tools required for cutting and joining SS pipes to fittings.

For Pre-Insulated Pipe Variant, 100% Genuine EPDM insulation pipe, Light, flexible, closed cell, synthetic rubber; free of PVC and non- CFC.Very good ozone resistance, UV-resistant. Work Temperature range from -200℃ to 150℃, Max to 175℃ (including Joints).

Since Stainless Steel solar pipes are flexible, they are much easier to work with. All the installer has to do is to open the box, uncoil the piping and then start snacking it through the building. Unlike Copper Coils, changing directions with Stainless Pipes does not required any special tools (such as pipe Bender, etc...). For More information on how to manipulate Solar Flexible Stainless Steel pipes, refer to our technical Blog: Step by Step Solar Hose Installation.

This product has a great place in systems whose pump flow rates are small if you used the 3/4 inch sized stainless steel product. On the one hand, the 1/2 inch SS Pipe has about four to five time the head loss of smooth copper pipe of the same size. On the other hand SS Pipe has less short radius elbows. That's why we don't recommend using the 3/4 Inch pipe size for applications having more than one Vacuum Tube Collector. For more information please refer to our Flexible Solar Pipes Friction Loss Chart.

Solar Stainless Steel Flexible Pipes Fittings And Tools
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Solar Thermal Certification in Canada

Feb 25, 2022 ROGER ABDO

After the suspension of CSA-F378 and F379 certification program by the Canadian Federal Government, Vacuum Tube Solar Collectors Manufacturer, Vendors and Distributors are left in confusion and turned to the US for certification....!

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Rules of Thumb for sizing a Domestic Hot Water Heater

Sep 13, 2021 ROGER ABDO

This Blog outline a quick method for sizing a solar water heater for Domestic Usage. It can never replace engineering simulation and load calculation, however it give a quick and fairly accurate sizing.

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How do Solar Thermal Heating Works?

Sep 05, 2021 ROGER ABDO

A brief presentation of Vacuum Tube Solar Collector technologies. It explains how heat is collected, concentrated and diverted to Heat Transfer Fluid. For Further information please get in touch with us at +1 (888) 686 7652

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How to install a Solar Panel on an inclined roof?

Sep 03, 2021 ROGER ABDO

This Article presents major challenges when mounting an Evacuated Tube Solar Collector on the Tilted Roof of a building. For further information, please call us at +1 (888) 686 7652

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How do Vacuum Tubes Collectors Work?

Apr 02, 2020 ROGER ABDO

This Blog describes Vacuum Tube Solar Collector & Evacuated Tube Solar Collectors working principle. for more info call +1 (888) 686 7652

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Why Evacuated Tubes Heat Pipe Solar Collectors are among the most efficient in Nordic Climates?

Mar 29, 2020 ROGER ABDO

Most Canadian Cities and Businesses are located in Nordic Extremely Cold Climate areas. Living in such a harsh climate requires significant resources to provide space heating as well as domestic hot water heating for buildings. This blog will explains why Vacuum Tube Solar Panels are the best choice to provide free heating and fight climate change.

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How much energy can your hydronic solar system generate?

Mar 29, 2020 ROGER ABDO

Before making the decision to invest into a solar solution, there is an obvious legitimate question to ask: How much energy saving (expressed in KW.h) will my investment generate? And how long will it take me to get back my money (payback period)?

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Solar Water heater Tank Sizing

Mar 29, 2020 ROGER ABDO

This Blog describes the concept behind Thermal Storage for Solar Water Heating Application. It end up with a rule of thumb for every Canadian City instead of a Universal Rule.

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