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Hydraulic Separators

What is a Hydraulic Separator?

A Hydraulic separator, or sometimes called "Decoupler" or "Common Pipe" is simply a large diameter pipe with 2 inlets and 2 outlets on each side of the pipe. Friction loss between inlet and outlet on each side of the separator is close to zero. Hydraulic separator is equiped with Automatic Air Vent, Drain Valve, Thermal Well and a set of mounting accessories. 

Hydraulic Separator

What is Hydraulic Separator Used for?

Most Heat Producing Equipment such as Boilers, Air to Water Heat Pumps, Geothermal Heat Pumps, Chillers, Solar Thermal Panels etc... are designed to operate at a constant flow (primary Hydraulic Circuit) while heating/cooling equipment water supply network (secondary Hydraulic Circuit serving multiple zones via Fan Coil Units, Air Handling Units, Infloor Heating Loops, etc..) are variable flow networks even when individual components on that network are constant flow.

Since the pressure loss through the Hydraulic Separator is almost zero, Pressure/Flow variation of the secondary hydraulic circuit does not affect the pressure/flow of the primary hydraulic circuit. 

Hydraulic Separators are used in applications where primary hydraulic circuits are either required to operate at constant flow or have minimum flow that needs to be respected.