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HBX WIFI Enabled Controls


In Buildings with combined Radiant Floor and Forced Air Heating and Cooling Systems, we find one thermostat for the infloor heating / cooling system and another thermostat for forced air system. Such combined system with individual thermostat for each system end up heating and cooling at the same time in mid season temperatures. Situation get worse, in buildings with simultaneous cooling and heating demand, where air is cooled in winter and re-heated for zones with heating demand. 

Also traditional zone control systems, such as Taco, Tekmar, etc... requires Expensive dedicated WIFI routers in order to have remote zones control.

With HBX, one Thermostat measures Slab Temperature, Room Temperature and/or DHW Temperature and one Zone Controller can control Heat Transfer Fluid supply to infloor loops as well as air supply to ventilation zones, thus preventing the situation with heating by the floor and cooling with the forced air system at the same time and in the same zone. Also HBX products have integrated WIFI connectivity without the need to have a dedicated router.