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Solar Map

Your Nearest Major City

Location on Map is a dominant factor in your solar water heating system performance. The Portion of south eastern part of western Canada has the highest insolation rate in the country.



People demographics affect their domestic hot water consumption. Factors Like age, job, working class, number of people in one house, etc... determine demand.


Annual Utility Bill

In Average a Canadian house consumes 200 KWh per year for every Square Meter of Living Area. 20 to 24% of Annual Utility bill goes to domestic hot water heating.


Roof Type and Orientation

Roof Type has a significant impact on your Solar Panels Performance especially when Panels are aligned with roof angle. In that case Solar Panels Inclination toward sun can't be optimised for peak annual or seasonal performance. Flat Roof offer the option of optimising solar panel inclination and azimuth for best performance

Home Plan

Living Area (Square Footage)

The bigger the living area the higher Domestic Hot Water demand is. More Square Footage means more Bathrooms, Showers, occupants, etc....