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Solar Map

Your Nearest Major City

Map location is a dominant factor in determining the right size for your Heating/Cooling system with Solar, Air to Water or Geothermal Heat pumps. Solar intensity as well as outdoor temperatures are location specific....!



People demographics (such as age group, job nature, working class, etc...) affect their Energy Demand. ex: Families with kids tend to have higher Domestic Hot Water Heating demand than families with only adults.....!


Annual Utility Bill

In Average a Canadian house consumes 200 KWh per year for every m² of Living Space. 24% of that goes to DHW heating and another 50% for Space Heating/Cooling. Solar, Geothermal & ATW Heat pump can help save.....!


Roof Type and Orientation

Roof Type has a significant impact on your Solar Thermal Panels Performance especially when Panels tilt angle is the same as roof angle. In that case Panels Solar Azimuth can't be modified for peak annual or seasonal performance. Flat Roof offer the option of optimizing panels Tilt Angle and Solar Azimuth for best performance

Home Plan

Living Area (Square Footage)

The bigger the living area is, the higher Domestic Hot Water (DHW) and Space Heating/Cooling  demands are. More Square Footage means more Bathrooms, Showers, occupants, Windows, Walls etc.... which translates into more KWh of energy spent every year. Larger size buildings offer a greater potential for Renewable and Semi-Renewable energy investments.

Sun Orientation

Maximizing Panel's Output

Solar Panel thermal Heat Output is maximized when the sun's direction is as perpendicular as possible to the panel's surface area. We measure solar panel orientation by its Tilt Angle and Solar Azimuth. The smaller the Azimuth is, the higher is the thermal energy output. Tilt Angle should be close to the geographical location altitude for a peak 12 months performance.