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Air to Water Heat Pump, Monoblock or Split? Find out Pros and Cons of each configuration

October 11, 2020 2 Comments

Whether Monoblock or Split Configuration, ATW Heat Pumps remain a smart investment for customers not willing to break the bank to have a complete Renewable Energy Heating/Cooling System. A right answer for one project could be the wrong one for another. This Blog will outline the characteristics of each configuration (Split or Monoblock) and will leave the choice for the Designer, Installer or Client.

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sustainable development

What's the Best Sustainable Investment? Solar, Geothermal, Air to Water Heat Pump, etc...?

July 24, 2020

This Blog gives the reader a guideline on how to determine the best sustainable development strategy for his home or business.

People are usually confused on what makes sense and what does not make sense.

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