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Dehumidifier Selection for Indoor Swimming Pool

  • Dehumidification Rates in either Lb/hr or Kg/hr are calculated for 60% relative humidity during the occupied hours of the swimming pool and 50% relative humidity during the non occupied hours of the swimming pool.
  • Indoor Pool Swimming Area needs to be maintained at negative pressure toward any adjacent livable space. Exhaust Air Flow from Indoor Pool Area shall be slightly higher than Fresh Air Flow (recommended 5-10% difference).
  • ASHRAE Standard 62.1 (Table requires a fresh air flow of 0.48 Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM) for every Square Feet (ft²) of Pool and Wet Deck Area (Deck or other area that is not expected to be wetted shall be designated as an occupancy category). When non-treated fresh air is introduced to the Pool Area, its summer dehumidification load needs to be added to the load of the dehumidifier to be able to maintain desired temperature @ 50-60% Relative Humidity.
  • In places with extremely cold winters (Such as in Canda and the Northern Portion of the US), when fresh air is being directly introduced to the swimming pool area, it needs to be pre-heated to desired room temperature before being Injected into the return of the dehumidifier or dumped into the pool area.