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Water to water Geothermal Heat pump -W Series-W600HACP*DPP-R410A

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Nordic W Series Water to Water Heat Pumps - 50 Tons Nominal Capacity - 


This large-scale geothermal liquid-to-water heat pump gathers heat from the ground and distributes it through large commercial buildings via in-floor heat or fan coils. The process can also be reversed to provide cooling in the summer time.


Nordic® W Series Commercial Geothermal Heat Pump

Our W Series Commercial geothermal heat pump is our largest heat pump designed for hot water production in commercial buildings. It is ideal for large-scale radiant in-floor heating applications, swimming pool heating, and ice rink cooling. It’s available with a reversing valve for heating and cooling in a single unit, and comes with integrated phase protection as a standard feature. The W Series Commercial is available in capacities from 9 tons up to 81 tons. Typically several medium-sized units are selected and installed in parallel.

Quick Facts About Our Commercial Liquid-to-Water Heat Pump

Distribution Type Radiant in-floor, fan coils
Capabilities Heating, cooling, and domestic hot water
Loop Type Open or closed loop
Size 50 tons
Configuration Horizontal
COP 4.1
Certifications TUV

Features and Available Options


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