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Hydronic Fan Coil Unit - High Wall and Reversible - 1/2 and 1 Ton


Elegant high wall fan coil unit with capacities of 1/2 Ton to 1 Ton. Fan Coil unit is reversible and designed to run on low temperature hot water which makes it ideal to be combined with air to water or geothermal heat pumps.

  1. Factory configured for right hydronic connection and left electrical and control connection. Can be field reversed.
  2. 115/1/60 Power supply.
  3. CSA / UL certified.
  4. Thermostat can be field installed inside the unit or remotely installed.
  5. One thermostat can contol multiple HW series fan coil units (Master/Slave control configuration).
  6. 24V contact for valves (Heating and Cooling) control.
  7. 115V contact for condensate lift pump interlock.
  8. Control card has modbus control protocol.
  9. Thermostat shipped and purchased separately.