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Buffer Tank & Indirect Water heater kit - Standard Diameter Coil

Buffer Tank & Indirect Solar Water Heater Tank Combination Kit - Standard Diameter Coils


Our Combination of Buffer Tank and Indirect Water heater is a money saving investment for designers and installers looking to combine various sources of energy into one Thermal Hub (Solar Water Heater Tank). They have been designed for combing Air to Water Heat Pump, Thermal Solar Panels (such as Vacuum Tubes Solar Collectors) and conventional Hydronic Make-up heat equipment (such as Boilers, Fire Places, etc...).

Technical Specifications:

Our Buffer and Indirect Water Heating Tanks have Large Water inlets and outlets (1 1/4''), Two Immersed Coils with Standard Size diameters (Φ16 mm), Thermal Wells for water tank temperature sensing and one large thermal well and an electric make-up heating element. This allows our Solar Water Tanks to be used for DHW heating, Space Heating and Cooling and Pool/SPA Heating and Cooling. Our Solar Storage Tanks have enough inlets/outlets for Heat Pump, Solar Collectors and Boiler Connections.