Buffer Tank & Indirect Water heater kit

Buffer Tank & Indirect Water heater Combination Kit


Our Combination of Buffer Tank and Indirect Water heater is a money saving investment for designers and installers looking to use various sources of energy. They are a smart use when combing Air to Water Heat Pump, Thermal Solar Panels (such as Vacuum Tubes Solar Collectors) and conventional Make-up heat producing equipment (such as Boilers, Fire Places, etc...).

Technical Specifications:

Our Buffer and Indirect Water Heating Tanks have Large Water inlets and outlets (1 1/4''), Two Immersed Coils with larger diameters (Φ16 mm), 3 Ports for water tank temperature sensing and one port for electric make-up heat. This allows our tanks to be used for DHW heating, Space Heating and Cooling and Pool/SPA Heating and Cooling. Our Tanks have enough inlets/outlets for Heat Pump, Solar Collectors and Boiler Connections.