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Composite Buffer Tanks


The Argosy Buffer Tanks, Manufactured by Flexcon Industries in the United States is the only pressurized composite buffer tank on the market.

Argosy Buffer Tanks will never corrode and are half the weight of steel buffer tanks. These advantages can reduce labor costs on installations while being a cost effective way to improve system efficiency by reducing heat pump short cycling during low load periods and hydraulically separating the source from the distribution system. Rated to 180 degrees F at 75 PSI and 140 degrees F at 100 PSI, our NSF approved polypropylene core wrapped in a blend of continuous strand fiberglass and a high temperature resin makes the Argosy Buffer tank perfect for hydronic and geothermal heating and cooling, low mass boiler systems and chilled water applications. Argosy tanks are insulated with a closed cell foam that provides a R-value that is unmatched by the competition and has a heat loss of less than 1 degree/hour. Tanks are available in sizes of 22, 40, 55, 80, and 120 gallons and all come with 4 side ports, a thermal well (40 to 119 gals), vent, vacuum breaker and drain.

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