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aHtech 72SK Hybrid Photovoltaic and Thermal PVT Solar Panel (in Stock)

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  • Introduction

    The aHTech® 72SK hybrid solar panel is a 2 metre high and 1 metre wide solar panel with an overall efficiency up to 89%. It consists of an electrical and a thermal component. The electrical part consists of 72 high-efficiency monocrystalline solar cells that generate a power of 350W. The thermal system, which allows a nominal flow rate of 60 litres per hour, is capable of operating efficiently over a wide temperature range up to 80°C, making it ideal for residential heating and industrial processes. It is certified to European quality standards. 

    Benefits of hybrid solar panels with aHTech® technology.

    • Higher production per square metre with aHTech® technology.
    • Better performance.
    • Higher output per square metre of aHTech® technology. One aHTech® panel generates the same energy as 4 photovoltaic panels.
    • Greater energy savings as more energy is produced, including the thermal energy output of the hybrid panel.
    • More savings with aHTech® technology.
    • Shorter payback period with aHTech® technology.
    • Higher IRR. With aHTech® it is 22.52% compared to 19.48% for PV.
    • Cumulative cash flow is 2.6 times higher with aHTech® technology than with PV.
    • Lower energy costs (40% lower with aHTech®).
    • Greater reduction in emissions, 4 times more emissions avoided than with PV technology.
    • Panels can be installed in parallel and/or in series in order to have the desired hot fluid temprature and flow, as below



    • Length x width x thickness 1.970 x 995 x (85+22) mm (78" x 40")
    • Total area 1,96m² (21.0865 ft²)
    • Opening area 1,88 m² (20.2288 ft²)
    • Number of cells 72
    • Weight 50 kg (110 Lb).
    • Front glass 3,2 mm. tempered
    • Framework Aluminum
    • Connection box protection IP65
    • Number of diodes 3 diodes
    • Dimensions of the cell 156 x 156
    • Connection type PV / length cables Solarlok PV4 / 1m (3.28 ft)

    Thermal Specifications

    • Optical performance 0,7
    • Coefficient of thermal losses, a1 5,98 W/m².K
    • Coefficient of thermal losses, a2 0,00 W/m².K²
    • Internal liquid capacitance 1,78 L (0.47 US Gallons)
    • Stagnation temperature 126C (258.8F)
    • Number of hydraulic connections 4 connections
    • Measure Hydraulic connection Quick connect
    • Maximum permissible pressure 10 bar (147 psi)
    • Nominal flow 60 L/h (0.2646 US GPM)

    Electrical Specifications

    • Cell type Mono-crystalline
    • Rated power (W) 350 W
    • Maximum power voltage (Vmpp) 39,86 V
    • Maximum power current (Impp) 8,86 A
    • Open circuit voltage (Voc) 48,61 V
    • Short circuit current (Isc) 9,16 A
    • Module efficiency (%) 17,8
    • Power tolerance (W) +/-4%
    • Maximum system voltage DC 1000 V (IEC)
    • Backsheet Black
    • Temperature coefficient of Pmpp -0,36%/ºC
    • Temperature coefficient of Voc -0,28%/ºC
    • Temperature coefficient of Isc +0,06%/ºC
    • Maximum reverse current 15A
    • NOCT Temperature* 45+/-2 ºC
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