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Pressurized Water Tanks | Solar Hot Water Tank

Inner Tank Materials: Food Grade SUS 304-2B

Outer Tank Cover Materials: White Color Steel 0.5 mm thickness

Insulation Layer Thickness: 50 mm

A pressurized water tank is a vital component in solar hot water systems, including the solar hot water tank. Designed to store heated water generated by solar collectors, the pressurized water tank ensures a steady supply of hot water for various applications. The solar hot water tank is specifically engineered to withstand high temperatures and pressure, allowing it to efficiently store and distribute the solar-heated water throughout the system. With its durable construction and insulation, the solar hot water tank minimizes heat loss, maximizing energy efficiency. It serves as a reliable and convenient solution for meeting hot water demands in residential, commercial, and industrial settings. Whether for domestic use or space heating, the inclusion of a solar hot water tank in a pressurized water system is a sustainable and cost-effective choice, harnessing the power of the sun to provide abundant hot water while reducing reliance on traditional energy sources.





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