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Solar Pumping Station SR881

$ 790.00 CAD

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  • Description
  • Specifications
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  • What is a Solar Pumping Station?

    A solar Pumping station is a module containing Heat transfer fluid circulation pump, solar differential controller, check valve, safety valve, filling valve, Tank temperature sensors and collector temperature sensor.


    This solar pump station is a pre-installed and leak-tested  for transferring heat from the collector to the storage tank. It contains important fittings and safety devices for the operation of the solar thermal system:

    • Ball valves in supply and return lines in combination with check valves to prevent gravity circulation.
    • Flow meter for displaying the flow rate
    • Manometer for displaying the system pressure
    • Safety valve to prevent inadmissible over pressure
    • Flushing and filling unit (optional) for flushing, filling and emptying the solar thermal system.

     What's in the box?

    • 1* solar pump station with Single Speed Pump Shnihoo Pump GPD20-6S.
    • 1* integrated solar controller
    • 1* collector sensor PT1000
    • 2* storage sensor NTC10K
    • 1* wall mounting bracket
    • 1* accessory bag(include 2 * screw and dowel ;  2 * strain relief)
    • 1* Operating and Maintenance Manual

    • Diamension: 400mm*200mm*145mm
    • Installation:  wall  mountingalso  suitable  for  mounting  into  patch  panels
    • Power  supply: 100V-130V  AC50-60Hz.  .     
    • Power  consumption:  < 3W
    • Accuracy of temperature measuring: ± 2oC
    • Range of collector temperature measuring: -10 ~200oC
    • Range of tank temperature measuring: 0 ~110oC
    • Suitable power of pump: 2 pumps possible to be connected power of each pump < 200W .
    • Inputs: 3 sensors
    • Pt1000 sensor (≤500oC) for collector (silicon cable≤280oC)
    • NTC10K B3950 sensor (≤ 135oC) for tank (PVC cable ≤105oC)
    • Outputs:2 relays for circulation pumps or 3-way electromagnetic valve
    • Ambient temperature:-10oC ~ 50oC.
    • Water proof grade: IP40.


    • Timing  heating
    • Temperature  differential  control  1*ΔT
    • Collector  emergency  shutdown
    • Collector  cooling  function
    • Collector  low  temperature  protection
    • Collector  frost  protection
    • Tank  re-cooling  function
    • Celsius  and  Fahrenheit  temperature  switch
    • Maximum  temperature  of  tank(max.number  1)
    • Anti-Legionella  function
    • Temperature  controlled  hot  water  circulation  pump
    • RPM  speed  controlling(1*semiconductor)
    • Thermal  energy  measuring
    • Pump  interval  functions.
    • High  temperature  by-pass  function
    • Manual  Control(  for  2  outputs: P1H1)
    • Password  setting
    • Recovery  to  factory  setting
    • Holiday  function
    • Manual  Heating
    • Temperature  query  function
    • Memory  Protection
    • Screen  protection
    • Trouble  protection
    • Troubleshooting
  •    pump CSA