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TechnoSolis Solar Water heater for Pool


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Solar Water Heater for Pool made of highest quality Polypropylene, Carbon Black, and non-depleting UV Stabilizers to guarantee an efficient and durable panel. Solar Pool Heater Panels are Extruded in-house which gives the assurance that each panel meets the highest standards of quality. Also, by using the same material throughout the panel (even the weld)  weak points or uneven expansion and contraction in the finished product are eliminated.

Techno-Solis Solar Powered Pool Heaters are reinforced by adding a bead weld to provide panels with additional strength and protection. Before Leaving Factory, Every Panel goes through rigorous Quality assurance/Quality control test for seam, flow and finally pressure test at 95 psi.

Why Technosolis Panels?

They simply professionally designed to last. The majority of solar pool heaters are designed with individual” round flow tubes so that if a tube leaks it can be easily plugged. Some manufacturers even state in their warranty that a damaged system will be repaired if possible. In most cases a “repair” is nothing more than a plug. The problem with this is that a plugged panel is much less efficient or effective at heating your pool. Another problem with the design of most solar pool heating systems is that the shape and thickness of the flow tube walls do no allow for prolonged expansion or contraction that occurs during seasonal temperature changes, or extreme weather such as freezing. Techno-Solis’ patented flat panel design is proven to be more Efficient and more Durable than other solar pool heaters. Here’s why:

  • They Absorb More Heat : Techno-Solis collectors are visibly thicker than any other pool heating collector because we use up to 35 percent more raw  materials in our panels. This attracts more heat.
  • They have Reduced Heat Loss: Techno-Solis flow tubes are connected so that they stay warm longer. Other panels can cool rapidly during windy conditions because the “individual” flow tubes aren’t insulated by each other.
  • They Last Longer: The extra material in our panels allows for greater expansion and contraction, provides extra UV protection, and prevents weak spots.
  • They Prevent Freeze Damage (covered by warranty): Because water expands by approximately 9 % when turning to ice, the strain put on a solar panel’s flow channel can be devastating. Techno-Solis Pool Heaters, however, are designed to withstand internal freezing better than any other panel on the
    market today. As the picture to the right illustrates, the two keys to our durability are the thickness of our panels and the shape of the flow  channels.

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