What Certification should my Solar Water Heating Collectors and Solar Water Heating Kits have in Canada?

Prior to the 16 of October 2015, CSA-F378 standard specified a set of technical requirements and test methods for glazed and unglazed liquid heating solar collectors and covered operating performance and marking requirements while CSA-F379 Standard specified similar set of technical requirements for solar fluid heating systems (including collector, heat exchanger, pumping module, control, piping etc...).

What Certification Should My Solar Water Heating Collectors And Kits Have In Canada

Unfortunately, CSA no longer has a program to Certify solar collectors. In first of November 2016, CSA issued a Certification Notice (ref No N15-156) announcing the withdrawal of certification and verification services for solar collectors and solar hot water systems. Notice can be found at this Link.

An alternative to CSA certifications is SRCC (Solar Rating and Certification Corporation) rating in the United States. 

 What Certification Should My Solar Water Heating Collectors And Kits Have In Canada

SRCC certification is accepted in most locations in Canada and the United States.  The situation in Canada is in flux at the moment since the CSA F378 standard has been withdrawn and CSA has ceased to offer certification for solar thermal equipment since November of 2016.  That said, the CSA F379 and F383 standards are still in existence (but have not been updated for some time), but the Canadian Standard Association is not offering certification for Solar Collectors and Solar water heating systems.

SRRC is currently in discussions about harmonization of those standards with our ICC 900/SRCC 300 standard next year.  The CSA standard committee felt that no harmonization of CSA F378 with ICC 901/SRCC 100 was necessary and therefore withdrew the standard about a year ago. 

The National Plumbing Code of Canada (NPCC) still references the CSA standard, but with no standard in existence any longer, most Canadian jurisdictions are using SRCC certification.