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SRCC Certified Xianke Vaccum Tube Solar CollectorVTSC
Flexible Solar Stainless Steel Pipes, Fittings and ToolsSSP
Propylene Glycol Transfer Heating FluidGLYCOL
Solar Differential ControllersCNTR


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Brass Reducing Bush

Brass Reducing Bush

$ 2.50 CAD - $ 4.00 CAD
Check Valve

Check Valve

$ 5.94 CAD - $ 10.56 CAD
Brass Threaded Male Tee

Brass Threaded Male Tee

$ 6.20 CAD - $ 11.90 CAD
Vacuum Tube Solar Collector Srcc Certified Xianke Xkph58 - 45 Flat Roof Base

Vacuum Tube Solar Collector, SRCC Certified, XIANKE XKPH58 - Complete with Header, Footer, Tubes and 45⁰ Flat Roof Base

$ 532.65 CAD - $ 1,049.16 CAD
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Propylene Glycol - Solar Heat Transfer Fluid Hd 8005 5 Us Gal Pail (18.9L) Pail

Propylene Glycol - Solar Heat Transfer Fluid HD 8005, 5 US Gal

$ 160.00 CAD
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Sr81 Differential Controller

SR81 Differential Controller

$ 162.00 CAD
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Sr658 Differential Controller

SR658 Differential Controller

$ 325.00 CAD
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PG Fluid

Replacement Glass, Fin & Tube for 58mm Diameter, 1800mm Long Vacuum Tube Solar Collector

$ 58.00 CAD$ 29.85 CAD
Each Replacement Set Includes the following Items: Borosilicate glass with triple layer coating allows for maximum solar absorption and vacuum between glass layers prevents heat loss. Aluminium Fin. Copper Tube.
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