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3/4'' BSPT Water Tank Safety Valve - Temperature/Pressure Relief Valve - Model AKE WYA-20

$ 21.38 CAD

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AKE Combination Temperature and Pressure Relief Valves are designed for the protection of water heaters and storage tanks. WYA-20 meet ANSI Z21.22.
WYA-20 Valves are completely automatic and reseat after either temperature or pressure relief. They are offered in 3/4" sizes with male inlets and female outlets. 

Specification Data


  • Available Set Pressures :150 psi standard.
  • Temperature Relief: 210°F standard.
  • Service: Hot Water.


  • Body: Bronze
  • Internal Parts: Brass and stainless steel
  • Seat Disc: Silicone
  • Pressure Spring: Stainless steel


AKE WYA-20 Relief Valves are certified to ANSI Z21.22.