Air Cooled Chiller, High Efficiency, Capacity 3, 4, 5 & 10 Ton

Power Supply
Low Ambient Kit

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Capacity (Ton)  208/230-50/60 Single Phase  208/230-50/60 Three Phase Without Low Ambient Kit With Low Ambient Kit Technical Documents
3 MAC-036HE-01 MAC-036HE-02 X
    3 MAC-036HE-01-L MAC-036HE-02-L X
    4 MAC-048HE-01 MAC-048HE-02 X
    4 MAC-048HE-01-L MAC-048HE-02-L X
    5 MAC-060HE-01 MAC-060HE-02 X
    5 MAC-060HE-01-L MAC-060HE-02-L X
    10 MAC-120HE-01 MAC-120HE-02 X
    10 MAC-120HE-01-L MAC-120HE-02-L X


    A. General:

    B. Unit Cabinet:

    C. Condenser Fan:

    D. Fan Motors:

    E. Compressors:

    F. Pump:

    G. Evaporator:

    H. Condenser:

    I. Refrigerant Circuits:

    Controls and Safeties



    Unit is equipped with thermistors and all necessary components in conjunction with the control system to provide the following protectants.

    Operating Characteristics:


    Electrical Requirements