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Air to Water Heat Pump - EVI DC Inverter 2 tons Monoblock - Model HSS030V2LM - Operating Temperatures -25⁰C To +45⁰C

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    Air to Water Heat Pump is a closed loop thermal device that draws heat from one place (called heat source) and reject the drawn heat to another place (called heat sink). Unlike conventional air to air heat pump, where generated thermal energy is used to cool/heat air fluid, Air to Water Heat Pumps use generated thermal energy to  cool/heat water or water/glycol fluid mixture. Our Monoblock Series Air to Water Heat Pumps can work at outdoor temperatures ranging between -25⁰C and +45⁰C.

    Nominal Cooling Capacity: 32,882Btu/hr (@ Outdoor 89.6°F (32°) DB / 73°F (23°C) WB - Fluid Supply/Return Temperatures 44.6°F (7°C)/54.32°F (12°C)) or 28,080 Btu/hr (@Outdoor 95°F (35°) DB / 75°F (24°C) WB - Fluid Supply/Return Temperatures 44.6°F (7°C)/54.32°F (12°C)).

    Nominal Heating Capacity: 36,404 Btu/hr (@Outdoor 44.6°F (7°) DB / 42.8°F (6°C) WB - Fluid Supply/Return Temperatures 113°F (45°C)/104°F (40°C)).

    What an air to water Heat Pump can be used for?

    Air to Water Heat Pump can be used for various applications that require a Hot or Chilled Heat Transfer fluid. The most common applications are Hydronic Space Heating and Cooling, Domestic Hot Water Pre-Heating, SPA or Pool Heating (when used with Titanium Heat Exchangers) and Process Heating.


    How much you can save with Air to Water Heat Pump?

    Air to water heat pumps have the highest Quality/Price ratio in the HVAC industry. it's a reasonable tradeoff between conventional Heating and Cooling systems (Oil, Gas or electric furnaces and boilers) and renewable or semi-renewables systems such as solar and geothermal. its moderate cost (when compared to renewables) makes it a good fit for both new constructions (with the new challenging energy codes across Canada and the US) and retrofit projects.


    As we can see from the above histograms, Air to Water Heat Pumps (when used for Space Heating and Cooling and Domestic Hot Water Heating as well, can reduce by 2/3 the energy consumption of a building and by half a home's utility bill (since utility bill includes plug loads when an air to water heat pump can not be used).


    Control Protocol

    Our air to water heat pumps have Modbus protocol. Modbus is a communication protocol developed by Modicon systems. In simple terms, it is a method used for transmitting information over serial lines between electronic devices. Modbus is an open protocol, meaning that it is free for manufacturers to build into their equipment without having to pay royalties. It has become a very common protocol used widely by many manufacturers HVAC Equipment. Modbus is typically used to transmit signals from instrumentation and control devices back to a main controller or data gathering system.

    Modbus can be easily integrated with BACnet Controller either through BACnet/Modbus Gateways or simply by integrating the Modbus controller with the BACnet Controller (most BACnet controllers’ manufacturer have adapted their firmware to read Points Table of Modbus controllers).

    Control Interface & Control Cards

    Control interface is CAREL PGD1000 interface and Heat Pumps Controller are CAREL Controllers with Modbus Protocol.



    Compressors are Panasonic DC Inverter Twin Rotary Compressors. Panasonic uses high efficiency pump and environmentally friendly refrigerant, to achieve energy efficient and reliable rotary compressor designs. Panasonic has the smallest size variable speed rotary compressor in the industry. Panasonic rotary compressor has a good reputation with clients all over the world and are commonly used for room air conditioning and refrigeration.



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