Air to Water Heat Pump - Split Type


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Nordic Air Source heat pump - ATW model:


The air source ATW model is an air cooled split type heat pump. It's 100% Canadian Made for Canadian Weather. It can provide hot water at Temperatures ranging from -22.6⁰C (-5⁰F) to +18.3⁰C (65⁰F) outdoor temperatures with leaving hot water temperatures between 41.6⁰C (106.9⁰F) to 43.6⁰C (110.5⁰F). The split system requires only condenser to be located outdoor, thus eliminating the need to use Propylene Glycol as heat transfer fluid. For applications like Hydronic Space Heating/Cooling, Domestic Hot Water heating and summer pool heating, simply water can be used as a heat transfer fluid.

Typical Application:

Heat Pump can be combined to solar water heating panels, pumps and thermal storage tank with immersed coils as shown in the below schematic. Heat Pump could be used for space heating, space cooling, domestic hot water heating and Pool/SPA heating. 


Design Features:

ATW - Design Features

Technical Documents and Available Capacities: