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All in One Buffer Tank and Indirect Water Heater 500 L - Large Diameter Lower & Upper Coil - (Φ20mm/Φ¾") - Model No. CBIT500L2C20

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All in One Pressurized Buffer Tank and Indirect Water Heater - 500 L Capacity - Large Diameter Immersed Coils for Faster and More Efficient Heat Exchange

Why Our Combined Buffer Tank and Indirect Water Heaters?

Our Combination of Buffer Tank and Indirect Water heater is a money saving investment for designers and installers looking to use various sources of energy. It's simply a Buffer Tank with two opposite Large Diameter (1 1/4") Inlet/outlets connections, Two Immersed Coils that can be combined in one (with the optional Coils Connection Piece). 

This gives our combined tank the flexibility to be used for various hydronic applications. They are a smart use when combing Air to Water Heat Pump, Thermal Solar Panels (such as Vacuum Tubes Solar Collectors) and conventional Make-up heat producing equipment (such as Boilers, Fire Places, etc...).  They save you the money for buying one individual Tank for each hydronic application.




  1. Inner Tank Materials: Food Grade SUS 304-2B 1.5mm thickness.
  2. Outer Tank Cover Material: White Color Galvanized Steel 0.55mm thickness.
  3. Heat Preservation Layer: 60 mm of High Pressure Automatic Polyurethane Foaming Layer, Density of 36 Kg/m³ (2.24 Lb/ft³).
  4. In Tank Heat Exchanger (Coil) Specifications: TU1 Copper (Red Copper), Thickness = 1mm (0.04").


  1. UPPER Coil Outer Diameter / Thickness : 20mm (3/4") / 1 mm.
  2. UPPER Coil Inlet/Outlet Connection: 20mm (¾") Male NPT.
  3. HEAT EXCHANGE AREA: 0.625m².


  1. BOTTOM Coil Outer Diameter / Thickness : 20mm (3/4") / 1 mm.
  2. BOTTOM Coil Inlet/Outlet Connection: 20mm (3/4") Male NPT.
  3. HEAT EXCHANGE AREA: 1.55m².


  1. Water Purification: Magnesium Rod Installed.
  2. Backup Heat: Standard 1" port for 1.5KW - 120V electric backup with mechanical thermostat.
  3. Accessories:
    1. Tank Feet
    2. Screws
    3. Safety T/P Valve ANSI Z21.22/CSA 4.4 Certified (Model Cash Acme NCLX-5)
    4. Drain Valve Port Plugged
  4. HSE Limited Warranty: 5 Years against manufacturing defects.
Friction Loss

Coils Friction Losses:

Lower Coil:

Flow (GPM) Pressure Drop (KPA) Pressure Drop (PSI)
2 3.65 0.53
4 13.16 1.91
6 27.85 4.04
8 47.43 6.88
10 71.67 10.39
11 85.48 12.40
12 100.41 14.56
13 116.44 16.89

Upper Coil:

Flow (GPM) Pressure Drop (KPA) Pressure Drop (PSI)
2 1.47 0.21
4 5.3 0.77
6 11.23 1.63
8 19.12 2.77
10 28.9 4.19
11 34.47 5.00
12 40.49 5.87
13 46.95 6.81

Technical Documents

 Tank Specifications

 Operation & Maintenance Manual

pdf icon CASH ACME NCLX-5 Technical Data Sheet