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AltSource Electric Boiler, Buffer tank and Indirect Water Heater - 70 US Gallons - 12 KW Heating Capacity

$ 5,110.00 CAD
Indirect Coil

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    AltSource, a combination of Boiler/Buffer Tank/and Optional Indirect Water Heater is the Air to Water Heat Pump or Geothermal Heat Pump's Best Friend. When Purchased with Indirect Copper Coil, AltSource allows for both space heating and domestic hot water preheating using the same energy efficient source of heat without the need of sophisticated control.


    • Storage Volume = 70 US Gallons
    • Heat Element Capacity = 12 KW (2x6KW)
    • Option: With Indirect Coil
    • Delivery Delay: 5-6 Weeks Delivery
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