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Solar Pumping Station SR21L

$ 900.00 CAD

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What is a Solar Pumping Station?

A solar Pumping station is a module containing Heat transfer fluid circulation pump, solar differential controller, check valve, safety valve, filling valve, Tank temperature sensors and collector temperature sensor.


This solar pump station is a pre-installed and leak-tested for transferring heat from the collector to the Water Storage Tank. It contains important fittings and safety devices for the operation of the solar thermal system:

  • Ball valves in flow and return in combination with check valves to prevent gravity circulation.
  • Air Vent for manual bleeding of the solar thermal system.
  • Electronic flow meter for displaying fluid flow rate.
  • Manometer for displaying system pressure.
  • Safety valve to prevent over pressure.
  • Flushing and filling unit for flushing, filling and emptying the solar thermal system.
  • Non-return valve: opening pressure 200mmH2O


List of components

  1. 1- Non-return valve: opening pressure
  2. 2- Connector of flow outlet (to collector):3/4’ IT
  3. 3- Safety valve: 6bar
  4. 4- Filling connector
  5. 5- Connector of expansion vessel
  6. 6- Manometer: 0-6bar
  7. 7- Sensor on return pipe (from tank to collector),NTC10K ( optional)
  8. 8- Circuit pump: Wilo 15-6 or Groundfos 15-65
  9. 9- Connector of drainage valve
  10. 10- Digital flow counter Return outlet connection (from collector): 3/4 IT
  11. 11- Connector of flow inlet (from tank):3/4’ IT
  12. 12- Connector of flow outlet (to tank):3/4’ IT ( no this connector on SR11L station)
  13. 13- Air separator
  14. 14- Manual air bleeder
  15. 15- Sensor on flow pipe (from collector to tank), NTC10K ( optional) ( no sensor on SR11L station)
  16. 16- Connector of flow inlet (from collector): 3/4’ IT

    Kit Includes:

    • 1* solar pump station with Wilo RS-15/6 Pump
    • 1* integrated solar controller SR658
    • 1* collector sensor PT1000
    • 1* wall mounting bracket
    • 1* accessory bag(include 2 * screw and dowel ;  2 * strain relief)
    • 1* Operating and Maintenance Manual

    PDF icon O&M Manual SR21L  & SR658  PDF icon Wilo RS-15/6