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BUFFMAX 200A US Gallons Glass Lined Buffer Tank (5 Weeks Lead Time)

$ 15,143.04 CAD

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    1. BUFFER TANK : The BuffMax® optimizes runtimes and limits on/off cycling of the energy source. When the minimum system load is lower than the energy source’s minimum capacity, the system will generate short cycles. This causes premature wear of the equipment and substantially decreases the system’s energy efficiency.
    2. STORAGE TANK: Any hydronic heating system with the BuffMax® stores energy like a battery. When a demand is made for limited heating (for example, when there is little difference between indoor and outdoor temperatures) or when it is used with a low-capacity energy source, the energy required will first come from the tank’s thermal storage.
    3. HYDRAULIC SEPARATOR: Adding a BuffMax® tank to a hydronic heating system helps to evacuate air, eliminate impurities and ensure the optimal functioning of the pumps—not only for the energy source but also for the distribution system.


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