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Combomax 70 Gallons - 24KW Heating Element, Combined Boiler and Domestic Hot Water Heater

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    The COMBOMAX ULTRA is an electric boiler used for hydronic heating, and includes a copper heat exchanger submerged in the unit’s tank that is used to instantly produce domestic hot water.


    COMBOMAX ULTRA 70 (71 US gal) The boiler’s net output is 24 kW at a voltage of 240V or 208V single phase with a frequency of 60 hertz. The boiler is 100% efficient.


    The tank is made of high-density carbon steel. All joints are arc-welded using the GMAW method. The tank is designed for a maximum operating pressure of 30-psi and undergoes a 60-psi hydrostatic test. The boiler is equipped with steel injectors at the bottom of the tank for heating water return dispersal, and steel collectors in the upper part of the tank to channel the heated water to the boiler’s outlet. The boiler is insulated with a 2”-thick layer of fibreglass. The 20-guage steel’s exterior surface is coated with baked epoxy-based paint. The built-in heat exchanger is made with parallel copper coils, with a maximum allowable working pressure of 125 psi. All copper components comply with NSF 61 standards as described in the NSF International Standard Drinking Water Systems Components Health Effects document.


    The heating elements are immersion-type with a copper sheath and a square flange. Each element can be replaced individually. The boiler is equipped with an UltraSmart controller for multi-stage modulation of the boiler power while allowing priority to domestic hot water production. The boiler is equipped with a high temperature limit protection device controlling the activation of one or two main load contactors with a resistance of 50 amps, which are able to perform 250,000 operations when fully loaded. The control circuit is 24VAC and controls activation of the power relays supplying the heating elements. The control circuit can control the heat circulating pump and can authorize electric or auxiliary boiler operation on a Bi-Energy installation. The device is tested, certified and bears the CSA label for CSA standards C22.2 No. 165-92 in Canada, and UL834 in the United States.


    1. An ASME-compliant safety valve set to trigger at 30 psi on the tank side
    2. An ASME-compliant temperature and pressure safety valve set to 125psi/210°F on the domestic hot water side • A temperature and pressure indicator
    3. A ½’’ automatic air valve with shut-off valve for easy replacement
    4. A thermostatic mixing valve for domestic hot water
    5. A pressure reducer/regulator adjusted to 12psi
    6. An ASSE1012 and CSA B64-3 certified check valve for drinking water
    7. A ¾’’ drain valve to empty the tank
    8. A domestic hot water exchanger drain valve
    9. The tank has adjustable legs


    The AltSource is covered by a 15-year warranty on the tank and the domestic hot water exchanger on residential applications,10 years on commercial applications and a 2-year warranty on accessories and electrical components

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