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DIY Solar Pumping Station PSAMR3FV120- Single 3 Speed Cast Iron Pump - 20 ft Head - 3/4" Pipe

Expansion Tank

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What is a DIY Pumping Station?

Pumping Stations are an assembly of pump and fittings destined to circulate heat transfer fluid between Heat Source (Vacuum Tube Solar Collector) and a Heat Sink (Solar thermal Storage tank). Most Factory Pre-assembled pumping stations are expensive to buy and offer little or low pumping head (less than 18 ft in total head). For Installation requiring multiple solar panel with longer distances between heat source and heat sink, client is forced to either buy multiple solar pumping stations or split his solar installation into a set of parallel independent ones. In both cases, project cost increases exponentially.

Our DIY Pumping Station offer more pumping head without the frills of factory built pumping stations that customers never make use of. Our DIY Pumping Stations are shipped in pieces (completely Knocked down) and must be assembled by installer.

PSAMR3FV120 Components


Description Qty Unit
PS-AMR3FV1-20 (Pumping Station without Expansion Tank)
Aquamotion AMR-3FV1 - Cast Iron 3 Speeds Pump with built in Check Valve (Rated 250⁰F) 1 Pc
Aquamotion FK75 - Cast Iron Flange Adapters 3/4" NPT 1 Pair
3/4" NPT x 3/4" BSPT Nipple 2 Pc
3/4" BSPT Solar Filling Valve with Garden Hose Connectors 1 Pc
3/4" BSPT threaded Female Tee 1 Pc
3/4" BSPT threaded Male Tee 1 Pc
3/4" Female BSPT x 3/4" Male BSPT Ball Valve for Expansion Tank Connection 1 Pc
3/4" Female BSPT x 3/4" Female BSPT Ball Valve 1 Pc
3/4" BSPT x 3/4" BSPT Nipple 2 Pc
Pressure Safety Valve 3/4" BSPT 1 Pc
PSET2.120 - Expansion Tank Kit (Optional)
3/4" BSPT Cir-Clip (Stainless Steel Washer, Brass Nut and Teflon Gasket) 2 Pc
3/4" Female BSPT x 3/4" Male BSPT Adapter 1 Pc
Flexible Corrugated Stainless Steel Pipe - 3/4" (20mm OD x 16mm ID) - Non Insulated - 18" Long 1 Pc
Expansion Tank - 2.1 US Gallons - 3/4" NPT Male Threaded 1 Pc


Pump Curve & Specifications


With Amp draws ranging from 0.46 amps to 0.79 amps the AMR offers high performance and high efficiency. AquaMotion’s universal 4-bolt flange design (with built in 25mm BICV check valve Rated 250 Degree Fahrenheit) reduces inventory and cost while simplifying installation.

The AMR circulator replaces Grundfos UPS15-58, Grundfos UPS15-42, Taco 008-F, Taco 0015-MSF , Wilo STAR S21, Xylem NRF-25, and Armstrong Astro 50-3.



Pump Technical Documents

PDFSubmittal Data Sheet   

PDFInstructions Sheet