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Enersol Panel Repair Kit

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Enersol Panel Repair Kit

This Enersol Panel Repair Kit contains:

  •  1ft. of rubber (4 in. wide approx.)
  •  12 x splicers
  •  2 x Enersol Headers
  •  2 x Enersol clips
  •  2 x Enersol O-rings
  •  1 x Enersol installation tool
  •  1 x instruction sheet


  • If you are going to replace an Enersol header, you should also replace the O-rings on each header. O-rings should not be reused. 
  • You must use an Enersol Installation Tool and an O-ring Lubricant when installing O-rings/headers. This prevents pinching the O-rings, which is the most common reason for immediate or future leaks. 
  • For instructions on Replacing a Damaged Header watch our videos:


  • These Enersol Headers are compatible with new and older Enersol Pool Panels. 

Xianke Xkph58 - Srcc Certified Vacuum Tube Solar Collector Header Replacement Method.

Xianke Xkph58 - Srcc Certified Vacuum Tube Solar Collector Rubber Repair Method.