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Expansion Tank, Membrane Type - 5, 8, 12, 18 and 24 liter - 3/4" BSPT threaded

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Membrane type Expansion Tank to protect your closed solar fluid network from expansion caused by over pressure and/or overheating.

Expansion tanks are required in a closed loop solar heating or chilled water HVAC system to absorb the expanding fluid and limit the pressure within a heating or cooling system. A properly sized tank will accommodate the expansion of the system fluid during the heating or cooling cycle without allowing the system to exceed critical pressure limits. The expansion tank uses compressed air to maintain system pressures by accepting and expelling the changing volume of water as it heats and cools.

Expansion TankTank design incorporate a diaphragm to isolate the expanded water from the pressure controlling air cushion. As water is expanded, it is contained in the diaphragm to prevent tank corrosion and water logging potentials. The pressure controlling air cushion is pre-charged at the factory and can be adjusted in the field to meet critical system requirements. This design and operation of this style of expansion tank allows the designer or specifying engineer to reduce tank sizes up to 80%.